Visiting the Beloved Home of Theodore Roosevelt

Sagamore Hill 300x173 Visiting the Beloved Home of Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt, America’s 26th president continues to be revered as one of the best leaders the country has ever had. Thrust into the presidency after his predecessor President McKinley died of complications from a gunshot wound, Roosevelt at just 41 years old—America’s youngest commander-in-chief, quickly began taking action and making policy that would forever change the country. “Trust-busting” was one of the first things on the agenda. Through this action, President Roosevelt sought to eliminate trusts, other wise known as monopolies, from taking over business’ and industries which consequently allowed others the opportunity to have a piece of the pie as well.

Theodore Roosevelt was truly the people’s president. When he and his family were not at the White House, you could find them retreating to Roosevelt’s Sagamore Hill home, which he lived in from 1885 until his death in 1919.

Situated on 155 acres in Oyster Bay, NY, 22 year old Teddy purchased the the property for $30,000–what would be equivalent to about $750,000 today. He then hired the famous architecture firm, Lamb and Rich to design and build the home, which is cost equivalent to about $450,000 now. Sagamore Hill, President Roosevelt’s primary residence, features 22 rooms–all unique and personal to the president and his family. The home has since become a Sagamore Hill National Historic Site as well as the Theodore Roosevelt Museum that is open to the public year round.

Roosevelt has been quoted as saying, “I wonder if you will ever know how I love Sagamore Hill.” In the home, Roosevelt and second wife Edith Kermit Carow raised their six children and hosted many dignitaries. The home has had little remodeling and it features most of the original decor and fixtures–making it truly a historical landmark.

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