The Places Superman Called Home

Kent Farm   Smallville 02 The Places Superman Called Home

One of the great stories of finding a new home in the last 100 years is the story of Superman. A boy who’s original home was destroyed must now make a new home in a foreign land. It’s one of the most memorable immigration tales of a generation and it doesn’t seem to get old as Superman continues to be an iconic character.

Man of Steel hits theaters this weekend and we thought it was time someone took a look at the places that Superman, Clark Kent and Kal-El called home. Turns out there’s quite a few places the last son of Krypton hung his cape and tights.

The Superman House at 10622 Kimberley Avenue in Glenville, Ohio

The home where Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created Superman. (Peggy Turbett/ The Plain Dealer)

You won’t find this home in any of the Superman comics, TV shows or movies. While Clark Kent never lived here, it’s the place where he was born. It’s the home where Jerry Siegel lived and first concocted the idea of an invincible man from another planet with his friend Joel Shuster. Located just outside of Cleveland, OH, the Superman House has not always had iconic status as the origin of the Man of Steel, but thanks to some recent PR campaigns from authors and celebrities it is slowly becoming a recognized landmark. Check out this video from The AV Club as they stopped into the Superman house a little while ago for a quick tour and get some insight into how this ordinary home became a landmark.


Krypton 1 The Places Superman Called Home

Depictions of Krypton

Krypton is the home planet of Kal-El and during its final moments before destruction his father, Jor-El, placed his son into a spaceship headed for earth so that the planet could have a sole survivor. Over the course of the Superman story line, some authors have taken liberty with Krypton’s existence. Some have written there were multiple survivors, like Supergirl and Krypto the Super Dog, and some have even depicted that it wasn’t destroyed and still exists in some form. One thing that is consistent is that the planet’s topography is featured as being made of abstract icicle structure and it’s red son gives the planet a haunting glow. Come to think of it, leaving for earth was a pretty sweet upgrade for young Kal-El.

The Kent Farm in Smallville, Kansas

Kent Farm as seen in “Smallville.” Courtesy of DC Wikia.

Clark Kent’s formative years were spent with Jonathan and Martha Kent on this little farm in Smallville. Days spent bailing hay, plowing fields and outrunning locomotives are some of the memorable moments depicted on this farm throughout Superman lore. The most we’ve seen of the Kent Farm has been in the TV show Smallville which highlighted the high school and college years of Clark Kent. In Superman comics, the Kent Farm has …read more

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